Spencer is a lawyer, renewable energy enthusiast, and deal maker. He was inspired to co-found Sangha Systems when he had the realization that high energy use industries like crypto-mining can be leveraged as a force for the expanded deployment of renewable energy. He is constantly looking to grow the meaning of “Sangha” within the company and across project stakeholders. Spencer is most comfortable juggling the multifaceted, detailed complexity of every project with the big picture focus on improving our collective energy systems. He is especially proud of his ability to respond to every email he gets by connecting the dots to this bigger picture, which only grows our vision. 

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LARS LISELL, Director of Technology


Lars spent nearly a decade in the National Laboratory system as a research engineer. His quantitative mindset and acumen for problem solving allow for him to generate innovative and unique technical solutions for every project Sangha Systems touches. Whether he is running multivariate regression models to determine the best HVAC solution for a cryptocurrency mining development, or assisting a client in maximizing their crop yield to kilowatt hour consumption, Lars stays level headed and thoughtful.

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