Search for promising locations for industry appropriate development

Assess substation capacity for site load requirements

Analyze energy rates and access to specialized power programs

Conduct preliminary negotiations with stakeholders for the purpose of defining the scope of future cooperation

Collaborate with local service providers to develop power and HVAC infrastructure solutions





Frame schedule and budget management tools to ensure project success

De-risk the critical path towards completion to reduce exposure and maximize project returns

Define project success metrics for all service providers

Set technical guidelines for cost-efficient high performance HVAC, power, and structural installations

Iterate design, partnership, and technical solutions with client





Educate clients about value-added energy engineering 

Energy generation technology specification


Engineering, procurement, and construction with our development partner Samba Energy

Aid in the procurement of PPAs, bespoke energy sourcing, and retail energy programs 

Energy modeling and IoT sensor deployment for continuous monitoring 




Connecting vendors, financiers, and service providers

Identifying  mechanisms for clients to expand profits in collaborative partnership with local leadership and community talent

Capitalizing on local/state/fed. funding programs for local job creation, opportunity zone investments and scalability 

Comparing and validate cross-market opportunities

Overcoming barriers to deal consummation through regulatory, commercial, and legal due diligence  




Developing design strategies for building and energy systems

Modeling climate conditions to evaluate cooling solutions and energy requirements

Evaluating renewable energy technologies and working through design challenges 

Generating stamped drawing sets for submission to regulatory authorities 


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