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Mining cryptocurrency has resulted in load growth on the electrical system that we have not seen in recent memory. This is expected to accelerate as cryptocurrency becomes more widely used.  For centralized operations, the operators typically construct custom built facilities with purpose built HVAC equipment, and enter into a contract with power providers for a fixed cost of energy.



Indoor agriculture uses a considerable amount of energy.  For indoor grow operations, the environment is carefully controlled, with humidity, temperature, nutrients, and lighting all managed to optimize the grow cycle of the plants.  Growers typically are not considered ideal customers for renewable energy developers, because of perceived credit risk.  However, many jurisdictions are using the regulatory process to encourage or compel growers to use renewable energy, as local electric grids strain to keep up with this growing industry.

Modern Brewery


There are many energy intensive steps that precede the fermentation of beer and spirits.  These businesses typically have a customer base that appreciates the adoption of eco-friendly business practices, including the use of renewable energy for operations, bottling.  In addition to boiling and pumping liquids, energy goes to bottling and canning, as well as operating taprooms and event spaces.  It is not uncommon to for these operations to be in leased historic spaces.  



With the expansion of cloud computing, the demand for data center facilities has increased tremendously.  Along with this demand has come a downward pressure on operations cost and facility efficiency.  New data centers are judged on power usage effectiveness (PUE), uptime, and the cost of power delivered to the site.